ENACT understands that children learn best when their social and emotional needs are met through the lens of the creative arts. Healthy student development is often hindered when a student has experienced neglect and trauma.   ENACT has been a pioneer of creative arts, trauma-informed practices and social and emotional learning since our inception in 1987 and has reached over 150,000 youth in New York City’s five boroughs.


ENACT uses the power of effective interactive theater and drama therapy to increase every student’s social and emotional skills for success in school and life. 


ENACT’s work pursues one goal—fostering students’ social and emotional growth by developing essential life skills.  We will inspire schools to give all students the opportunity to benefit from the improved self-awareness they will gain through ENACT’s classroom-based prevention and intervention programs, including services for students who need more support.

What We Do Best

Social and Emotional Learning:  We bring self-awareness to life for all students, establishing the foundation upon which we help them learn social and emotional skills.  We use targeted interventions for those who need additional support.

Trauma-Informed Programs:  Our team creates safe spaces for participants.   We realize there is trauma in the world, recognize and respond to how trauma has had an effect on participants, and resist re-traumatization.

In-depth Assessment and Customized Curriculum:  Our program team and teaching artists collaborate with school leaders to pinpoint a school’s needs and deliver a program tailored to help students surmount obstacles that stand in the way of their success.

Highly-Trained Team:  We train professional actors and trauma-informed drama therapists in our proven and effective ENACT Method which teaches self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

Holistic Support:  We provide school staff with high-quality professional development and offer parents and caregivers empowering workshops to enhance their support of students’ social and emotional growth to create a community of care around the students we serve.