A Look into ENACT’s Return Teaching Artist Training

Each year, Enact welcomes our Teaching Artists back with a fall training, focusing on the work being done in the classroom and best practices for how to effectively facilitate our workshops. In addition, this year we are happy to also host Britton Williams, a drama therapist who will be guiding our staff members through her workshop, “Minding Our Biases”. This workshop will explore the impact of assumptions, biases and stereotypes on individuals, relationships, communities, and the therapeutic encounter. The participants will explore the ease of receiving and internalizing messages that influence the way we, as individuals, view the world and others in it. Often, stereotypes and assumptions lock one’s views of others into singular roles or stories. We will explore messages they have received and internalized through historical, social and cultural contexts and how these messages inform personal, professional and clinical relationships. Through the use of drama therapeutic processes, visual art, story, and humor, this workshop will explore ways to allow assumptions and biases to be challenged in service of fostering connection. Tools for working through blank spots and rigid beliefs will be identified and creative ways to continue these conversations in professional and personal communities will be explored.
BW PhotoAbout Britton
Britton Williams, MA, RDT, LCAT, is a registered drama therapist, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, and psychoanalytic candidate. She currently works in private practice in New York City and in acute care with adults and adolescents at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Britton has published and presented on: the impact of assumptions, biases, and stereotypes on individuals, relationships and communities; creative and embodied approaches to self-assessment; and developing a relational-role theory framework and protocol.