Research & Publications

ENACT is featured in the November 2015 issue of Drama Therapy Review. In an article entitled, “Evaluating drama therapy in school settings: A case study of the ENACT programme,” ENACT Founder Diana Feldman and Pace University researcher Thalia R. Goldstein show how a four-year evaluation of the ENACT program prompted the creation of assessment tools and curricula that have informed the method and allow the organization to continue measuring the success of ENACT workshops in facilitating students’ school engagement.

ENACT’s unique method was published in the textbook Current Approaches in Drama Therapy in a chapter co-written by ENACT Founder Diana Feldman, MA, LCAT, RDT-BCT and Director of Research Emilie Ward, L-CAT, titled, “The ENACT Method of Employing Drama Therapy in Schools.”   Read the text of Diana Feldman and Emilie Ward’s chapter here.

The ENACT program was analyzed in the chapter, “Designing leadership development programs that work: Individual transformation by design” written by Tom Diamante in the textbook Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning.

The ENACT method has been recognized as both unique and effective in a three-year evaluation conducted by researchers from Columbia University Teachers College, under a grant from the Ford Foundation. The final research report, “Social and Emotional Development and Theater Skills in ENACT Workshops: Context, Conditions, Process and Outcomes,” indicates that students in ENACT’s Partnership Programs demonstrate statistically significant gains in social and emotional development. Read the Executive Summary of the Ford Foundation’s final research report on ENACT.

Theatre for Change: Education, Social Action and Therapy, the book by Robert Landy and David T. Montgomery – contains a section on ENACT.

“ENACT: A Program Using Role Playing in Education,” a section about ENACT, was published in the book Interactive and Improvisational Drama, by Adam Blatner.

Middletown, America, a book by Gail Sheehy, documents a performance and facilitation of ENACT auditorium play that sparked the performance arm of the company: “Finding the Words,” about students’ experiences following 9/11.