Diana Feldman, LCAT, RDTPresident/CEO


Diana Feldman is a board certified drama therapist and a licensed creative arts therapist. She founded ENACT in 1987 to address the social and emotional needs of underserved students in public schools. A champion of change for using the creative arts therapies for personal and social transformation, she regularly leads workshops at national conferences on education, creative arts therapies and mental health. She is currently completing a book about her experiences working with children as far reaching as India. In addition her chapter from the Text Book “Current Approaches to Drama Therapy” is now used as required reading material in several Universities that teach drama therapy. To keep her own creative spark alive, Diana can be found performing her original songs in and around New York.

Greg Cox, COO

Darci Burch, LCAT, RDT, Director of Research & Training

Rebecca Dolan, LCAT, RDT, Programs Supervisor

Alicia Thompson, Senior Teaching Artist

Betty Graham, Manager, Parent & Family Affairs

Site Staff:

Rebecca Elkin, LCAT, RDT, Site Director, Khalil Gibran International Academy (Brooklyn)

Cristina Hernandez, Site Director, MS 363; Academy for Personal Leadership and Excellence (Bronx)

Carrie Watt, LCAT, RDT, Site Director, Long Island City High School

Board of Directors:

Michael Termini, Chair 
Christa Kirby
Connie Cuttle
Amy Bernstein
Diana Feldman

Advisory Board:

Christa Kirby
Connie Cuttle
Ed Gragert
Eileen Hoffman
Etim Edim
Mason Granger
Patricia Schaefer
Robert Landy
Thomas Diamante
Taylor Gray