Collective Resilience

Dear Friends,

If school walls could talk you would hear the collective voices of our youth echoing messages of hope and hopelessness, bravery and fear, solidarity and isolation. Every day, through my work with ENACT in New York City public schools, I find myself humbled by the heroism our students use to overcome untenable life situations. Their extraordinary sense of resilience is a continuous inspiration to me! A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Woman’s March here in NYC. I found myself marching near a group of young high school girls chanting “we are the change”. The resonance of their chant and their powerful force of energy motivated me with every repetition. We have much we can learn from our students about resilience and it has always helped me look deeper at my own. To me, resilience is that seed of hope we water when we feel hopelessness, that creative spark that generates works of art to embody and express our feelings and that action we take to be part of a larger change. This month, I encourage all of us to tap into our own sense of resilience as a force that drives us to overcome and be the change maker we all seek to be!

This is the time of year when ENACT begins to work towards our culminating theater showcase with our professional actors working side by side our students in,” Show Up!.This year, the theme is “Resiliency.”  In the spirit of “it takes a village”  we will continue the momentum we built last year with a small, trauma-informed symposium preceding the student’s performance by bringing together a  group of like-minded practitioners, educators and parents to share out ideas and best practices. Stay tuned for more details about Show Up! in the upcoming weeks!


Diana Feldman
President, Founder & Executive Director