ENACT on Off-Broadway!



New York, NY – May 4, 2015 – ENACT, a dropout prevention program working with some of New York City’s hardest to reach youth, will be showcasing its students and teaching artists on May 11 through its annual performance of Show Up!  The performance will take place at 6:30 PM at New World Stages Theater, 340 West 50th Street. City Council Education Committee Chairperson, Daniel Dromm, will be introducing the performance.

“ENACT does an excellent job of using the arts to engage students by teaching them how to express themselves, thereby keeping them in school,” said Council Member Dromm. “Show Up! is written and produced by the teens in ENACT’s year-long dropout prevention program. They’ll share how it feels to navigate middle and high school in New York City, touching on topics ranging from immigration to bullying.  I have seen ENACT’s work in the past and I am sure this show will not disappoint.”

Through creative drama and drama therapy techniques presented in public school classrooms throughout the school year, ENACT helps students acquire the tools they need to take responsibility for their own learning and find positive alternatives to the behaviors that stand in the way of success. ENACT uses a unique approach leveraging professional actors, who turn classrooms into year-round learning laboratories. A four year study conducted by Columbia University found that outcomes from the program include improved attendance and class participation, reduced bullying, and a greater ability among participating students to make better choices in everyday life.

ENACT’s After-School Drama Program – Show Up! – creates an environment of physical and emotional safety in which young people create an original performance piece for their classmates and families. In an added twist this year, each school has developed and filmed a public service announcement addressing topics of particular interest to them.

Show Up! is supported by grants from the New York City Council, which also funds many of ENACT’s other in-school programs. Thanks to additional funding from the Pinkerton Foundation, ENACT was able to expand its program this year, adding more hours, and changing the venue from a school auditorium, where it has historically been held, to an off-Broadway theatre.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Chetirko, a principal at the Urban Assembly Institute for New Technologies in Harlem, since ENACT has been in his school, he has seen a 73% decrease in behavioral incidents that he must file.  Winston Hamman, Principal at Khalil Gibran International Academy in Brooklyn, says that while ENACT has been with his school, overall attendance has improved and student test scores have shown steady increases. According to Mr. Hamman, “ENACT has been a big part of enhancing the school’s culture and helping all students feel safe and successful.”