Training Institutes Reflection

ENACT is proud to have just launched what will be an ongoing program to provide quality training to professionals working with adolescents in public schools and beyond. ENACT’s Training Institutes provide an opportunity to share the evidenced-based, trauma-informed research and practical knowledge that our Clinicians and Teaching Artists have developed over almost 30 years. We kicked off 2017 with our January Institutes on “The Creative Container.” Through these workshops, participants ranging from Art Therapist to Neuroscience Graduate Student learned about collective trauma and how it impacts adolescents in the classroom via negative behavior patterns and reduced ability to reach educational and social and emotional goals. Through experiential processing, active exploration, and pieces of ENACT’s time tested methodology, participants developed empathy for the challenges their students face and insight into how to create safe spaces to foster self-awareness and expression.

A noted highlight of the two-day intensive training was the recognition of resiliency and its important role in both our and our students’ lives. Our second day of training ended with the creation of a “Resiliency Dance” where participants pieced together original physical images of challenge and resiliency in order to gain better understanding of the power to overcome. As ENACT moves forward with more training we plan to focus on the resiliency we see in ourselves and others as a strength-based approach to addressing collective trauma.

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