Check out the videos below to sneak a peek into how ENACT makes a dramatic difference!

What does the ENACT method look like in schools? See how ENACT works across every level of the school community to create shared learning and change.

Public Service Announcements from our Show UP! 2015 Event:

1. Khalil Gibran International Academy


2. Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day School

3. MS 363 – The Academy for Personal Leadership and Excellence

4. The Urban Assembly Institute for New Technologies

JB Smoove – Actor, Writer and Comedian – Encourages ENACT kids to Show Up!

What does ENACT mean to schools? (aka “Role Models”):

Role Models from ENACT on Vimeo.

ENACT on the Small Screen:

ENACT on Eyewitness News 7/WABC-TV from ENACT on Vimeo.

John Leguizamo on the importance of Showing Up:

showup JL3 from ENACT on Vimeo.

An intimate look at how ENACT works, with site staff and students:

ENACT 2012 from ENACT on Vimeo.