Diana Feldman Guest Lectures at NYU Drama Therapy Program


ENACT Founder and President, Diana Feldman, recently had the honor of guest lecturing for Drama Therapy students at NYU.

Diana reports: What a joy it was to teach an ENACT Method training at my old alma mater, the NYU Drama Therapy program. We did scenes about the stresses of being a graduate student in New York City. Students in the program were from all over the world and will be going back to countries like Israel and India to build their own Drama Therapy programs. I answered lots of questions about Drama Therapy in the schools and got to reflect on my own 25 year journey! “

Dr. Robert Landy, renowned professor of Educational Theatre and Applied Psychology and Director of the Drama Therapy Program at NYU was also pleased. Following the lecture, Dr. Landy stated: Thank you so much for a wonderful class. You gave us all so much substance and a way into the complicated marriage of education and therapy. I loved working on a piece Our class discussion following your presentation was very good and gave me a chance to clarify my thoughts on exposing too much too soon.

In addition to her guest lecturing engagement, Diana recently presented at Move This Worlds 5th Annual Global Summit, and at the Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health, hosted by University of Maryland. This month she will also present at the 2014 North American Drama Therapy Associations Annual Conference and the Expressive Therapies Summit.