10 Things We Guarantee You Didn’t Know About Today’s Teens

  1. 98.6% of students say that a teacher has positively impacted them (and 82% think their teachers deserve more recognition).
  2. 89.5% of students support animal rights.
  3. 53% of teens say that “Putting the needs of someone else above your own” is the #1 trait of an Unsung Hero.
  4. 96.5% of teens have performed a random act of kindness (and 61% of teens volunteer to help others during the holiday season).
  5. 96% of teenagers associate food with “happy memories,” and 84% say their identities are shaped more by “Nurture” instead of “Nature”(16%).
  6. 75% of teens seek advice through YouTube channels on topics important to their daily lives (dating, trends, clothes, hairstyles, etc.)
  7. 61% of teens have been “in love,” and 66% of high school and college students admit to having had their heart broken.
  8. Teens rank being rude to cashiers, waiters, or other service people as their biggest pet peeve when seeing bad manners from people in public.
  9. 51% of teens are afraid of talking to their parents about personal problems (and the top wish among all teen girls is for their parents to communicate better with them!)
  10. Young people go through a period in their lives when they seem to lack the “empathy gene,” but research shows that it returns, and empathy can be fast-tracked and encouraged in school and at home.

At ENACT, we help kids every day find their “empathy gene,” through our unique drama therapy method, which allows students to recognize their connections to others and “rehearse” positive and affirmative ways to manage and avoid conflict. 

If you – like us – think today’s teens are a positive force (but with a lot of things to contend with in today’s world), we hope you’ll have a look around our site. And if you’re so motivated, please help us raise $10,000 for our Annual Appeal. We’re almost there, and your support would make a tremendous difference.

The happiest of holidays to you, however you celebrate. We thank you for your interest in our kids and we hope to see you at our performance in the spring!

In peace and love,

The staff, students and families of ENACT

*Data collected by Stage of Life

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