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“When students link learning to their own lives and experiences, it is remarkable how quickly they participate.” Miles Gross, ENACT Teaching Artist and Writer, “Last Comic Standing”

“While ENACT has been with our school, our overall attendance has improved, students’ test scores have been showing steady improvement, and students who in the past presented issues adapting are now enjoying school. ENACT has been a big part of improving the school’s culture and helping students feel safe and successful.” - Winston Hamman, Principal, Khalil Gibran High School

ENACT Addresses Bullying in Schools

All ENACT programs support anti-bullying by improving self-awareness and communication skills.  Below is a sample list of programs that specifically focuses on bullying. For a full menu of the programs we offer, feel free to contact us.

Student Programs

Addressing Bullying Residency   
This residency includes 8 days of interactive student workshops that help students understand how bullying impacts others’ emotions and behavior.  Available for all student populations grades PK-12, workshops are taught by two highly trained ENACT teaching artists who work with up to 3 back-to-back classes once a week for 8 days.

Parent and Family Workshops
Workshops are 2 hours long for up to 30 participants per workshop.

“When I grow up I want to be just like you” Being a Positive Role Model   
Children learn through example – but it is not always easy to be a good example. This workshop uses reflective role-play to address the sensitive subject of modeling appropriate behavior and communication.

Raising a Responsible Digital Citizen: Understanding Cyber-Bullying       
Parents learn to better understand the technology their children are using and positive ways to talk about cyber-bullying.

Professional Staff Development
Workshops are 2 hours long and serve up to 30 participants.

What Would You Do? Strategies for Addressing Bullying in your Classroom 
Using role-play as a way to experiment, ENACT staff demonstrate various bullying scenarios allowing the group to offer possible solutions.

Cyber-Bullying and School     
Using interactive drama-activities, groups explore how this trend affects the students and families with whom we work and practice approaches for responding in healthy, positive ways.

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Click HERE for our access to our Bullying Prevention Toolkit

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