Parent and Family Workshops

ENACT believes in creating a community of support around the students we serve and recognizes the importance and impact that family and caregivers can have on a student’s life.

Each parent & family workshop is customized to the concerns or challenges of the school community being served.Workshops are usually focused on specific issues related to family communication, relationships, or student support and can be facilitated in English or Spanish.

Sample Workshop Topics:

  • Positive Parent-Child Relationships
  • Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships
  • Lowering Resistance to Commitment
  • Supporting Student Success in School
  • Coping with Transition
  • Managing Anger and Frustration
  • Raising a Responsible Digital Citizen

For more information on Parent & Family Workshops, contact Rebecca Dolan, Programs Supervisor, at

Parent Advisory Committee

ENACT’s Parent Advisory Committee creates an opportunity for parents, caregivers, and families to build community with others, develop their individual strengths, and become parent change-makers. For more information see our Parent Advisory Board page.